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ArifPay universal mobile Point of Sales (mPOS), an electronic payment platform designed for use by merchants, banks, and consumers in Ethiopia that any business, merchant, or consumer can use to transfer money, make invoices, or pay taxes. It connects consumers, merchants, and banks across Ethiopia.ArifPay mobile point of sale system can be used either on a tablet or smart phone that can function as a cash register.
This system can be deployed on SMEs.

ArifPay Wallet is an electronic payment platform allows users to transfer, store, request, accept money using ArifPay mobile application. The Ethiopian government has recently made a push to stimulate innovation in the financial sector, permitting electronic payment issuers to operate independently with banks, consumers, and merchants. Arifpay is well-positioned to become the premier electronic payment issuer in Ethiopia: it has already tested and integrated its software among many of the major banks, and it is the best product in the market that can support electronic billing, electronic receipts, and tax recording services.


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